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CuddleBags - Giant Foam Bean Bags
CuddleBags are the perfect finishing piece for the front of any home theater

4' CuddleBag Round 7' CuddleBag Round
Our Price: $439.00
Our Price: $699.00
Loviní every inch of it! 7foot CuddleBag Round
4' CuddleBag Round 7' CuddleBag Round
6' Pillow Sack 7.5' CuddleBag Lounger
Our Price: $389.00
Our Price: $659.00
CuddleBag Pillow Sack 7.5 foot CuddleBag Lounger
CuddleBag Pillow Sack 7.5' CuddleBag Lounger

What trade show did you meet us at? Cuddlebag exhibits at several trade shows around the country each year. Contact us to find out where we'll be next so that you can experience the ultimate comfort of a CuddleBag!

Top Sellers

6foot CuddleBag Round
Our Price: $589.00
6foot CuddleBag Lounger
Our Price: $559.00
5foot CuddleBag Round
Our Price: $499.00

New Products

CuddleBag Ottoman
Our Price: $139.00

The Ultimate Home Theater
Kids (and adults) dream of the perfectly outfitted home theater. We can help make that dream come true!

Stack o' CuddleBags

The ultimate home theater is just clicks away. CuddleBag is always creating new and exciting foam furniture shapes in a variety of top quality fabrics and colors.